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In today’s increasingly technology driven marketplace, it is critical to keep up with the latest
innovations and solutions, in order to make the most of your investments and keep your business
moving forward. So whether you are new to working with an IT Partner, or have worked with one for
years, with ENAULD Technology you will find cost-efficient support, guidance and the inspiration you need
to provide your business with a competitive advantage.
ENAULD Technology is a full-service solution provider. We support remote sites across multiple continents.
We place our focus on leveraging our infrastructure and footprint to support a broad spectrum of
organisations with rapid deployment and emerging technologies.
Over the years, ENAULD Technology has evolved into an advanced solutions provider, focused on servicing
customers and creating value through long term relationships that we build. We have established
unique service level agreements (SLA’s) and fixed costs based on our customers’ needs and budget.
We strive to deliver more efficient, effective and relevant quality services and solutions tailored to the
increasingly complex demands of organisations, in order to boost productivity of operations and to
maximise value for our customers.
ENAULD Technology also strives towards technology that provides a real advantage to a business. The most
powerful connection that a business can make is through all its stakeholders. ENAULD Technology binds
together business and technology.
ENAULD Technology provides solutions that enable business and empower our customers with the
Enable you to focus on your business by providing a practical IT solution by creating an
environment for success.
Minimise risk of data loss, downtime, security threats and provide redundancy at the same
time, by ensuring your business operations continue through virtualization and automation.
Improve overall customer service and satisfaction, by ensuring you have the infrastructure in
place to continuously engage with your customers.
Cut operational costs with tailor-made strategies and solutions by assisting you to create (or
update) your IT strategy.

Increase communication between all stakeholders which is essential with all the current
dynamic businesses challenges that all businesses face today such as globalisation and
increased worker mobility.
Technology is not just about speeding up the process and allowing flexibility, but it can transform
how a business functions and will save a company time and money if implemented and maintained

ENAULD Technology is dedicated to doing business in an ethical and sustainable manner to meet the needs
of a vast range of businesses and industries. ENAULD Technology businesses range from small and medium
enterprises (SMEs) to large global enterprises.
We combine our industry knowledge, expertise and best practice with our clients’ needs to design and
develop tailor-made solutions dependent on your requirements. We recognize that people are part of
IT and that the effective combination of these two, contributes to the success of any business.
As a technology service provider, we keep abreast of the latest technology to securely enhance your
business. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise ensure we are able to provide guidance as to what is
possible, practical and cost-efficient.

At ENAULD Technology there is a focus on skills and development. We are dedicated to unlock the potential of all our employees through continuous skill development and in-house training. With the skills
development of all our employees, we foster a productive and vibrant workplace in order to accelerate
ENAULD Technology ever-increasing workforce is aligned with its rate of growth and is continuously
focused on the latest technology to improve the quality of all services and products that we offer.
Here are the senior management team that are driving the ENAULD Technology Limited:


Eric Irozuru (M. Sc, MBA, PhD)

Eric is the Managing Director of ENAULD Technology Limited. He is an Information Technology and Business Strategy consultant with over 30 years of experience, who has
worked across Europe, Asia and Africa. He has worked across many private and public sector
Company Profile pg. 6 including; healthcare, travel, local and central governments, security, insurance, motor, utility and energy – oil and gas.
Eric’s primary interest is in value engineering, that is, helping organizations to create and realize value
from their investments in technology and people. This he does by helping organizations devise
strategies and design innovative management frameworks for improving the performance of the
resources, programmes and projects used to implement their business strategy and organisational
change, in order to achieve value from these investments.
Over his career, Eric worked as is a Software Engineer in the UK, working for the National Health
Service (NHS). A spell that lasted about 12 years, before he became an independent consultant,
consulting to companies across Europe and Asia. In recent years, Eric began looking homewards by
consulting to companies in Africa, in particular Nigeria his fatherland.

Ngozi Akwataghibe, MD, MPH, (PhD in view)

 Ngozi is an Executive Director of the company in charge
of Business Development. She is currently a Doctoral Researcher at the Vrije Universiteit (VU)
Amsterdam in health systems improvement and uses technology to help in supply management in
health. She worked in World Bank, 3ie, and KIT and has wealth of experiences.
She has extensive experience working with teams in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa (specifically Nigeria,
Liberia and Seychelles). Ngozi has led the development of several innovative proposals that have won
contracts from many organizations including the World Bank, UNICEF, Shell, the WHO Alliance for
Health Policy and Systems Research, GAVI, 3ie and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
She is vastly experienced in leading and/or providing technical support to evaluation and learning
projects in Nigeria. She is currently the MD and CEO of ENAULD Health Systems Research in the

The purpose of ENAULD Technology is to become leader in the Information Management and Technology
Industry by providing exceptional and appropriate services through innovation, research and building
long term relationships with a wide range of clients. We provide value to all our customers with a
guarantee of no-value-add. no payment.
Vision, Mission and Values
ENAULD Technology vision is to become the leader of choice for solutions, regardless of the
industry. We want to empower and unleash the potential of all our customers.
ENAULD Technology mission is to build long term relationships with our customers, to provide
exceptional services that exceed expectations, by pursuing business through innovation,
advanced technology and adding value.
ENAULD Technology believes in sustainable growth through
It is because we know that our customers are always right, so we believe in treating our customers
with respect

At ENAULD Technology, we always source top of the range products for your business, at the best and most
affordable price.
Hardware and Software:
ENAULD Technology supplies the following Hardware and Software:
Software Applications solutions and services
Computer and network operating systems
Network and data security products
Servers, racks, power supplies, and network storage
Business management software Applications
Desktop computers, laptops, and accessories
Printers, scanners, and projectors
Routers, switches, and wireless access points
Parts and accessories
Hardware and software warranties and subscriptions
Volume licensing in line with compliance criteria
ENAULD Technology distinguishes itself from other IT companies by providing and maintaining
the following:
Access control systems and security services (CCTV; Access cards and biometrics)
VoIP telephone solutions and services
Conference facilities:
o IS audio conferencing (Multiple participants can connect to a single call)
o Webconferencing
o HostedIPandPBX
o Hostedvideoconferencing
IS fax (Fax2E-mail)

Our Partners

ENAULD IM&T partners with industry – leading suppliers to ensure that we can meet all of your needs. Please see below a list of some of ENAULD IM&T’s partners:

HP (Hewlettt Packard)

HP Partner and gets personalised HP products and solutions that will meet your specific requirements.


ENAULD IM&T collaborated with WatchGuard in order to provide the best network security
with next-generation Firewalls, unified treat management.


ENAULD IM&T is proud to be part of Lenovo’s offerings. With Lenovo we strive to meet all
your Lenovo needs and requirements


Their data centres also provide technology advanced
facilities and always deliver rapid, unique and dependable solutions.

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